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Charged with a sexual offence?

As a criminal defence lawyer, a large part of what I do involves protecting the rights of people who are being investigated or have been charged with a sex offence. Unlike most other types of criminal cases, sex cases involve people – mostly men – from all walks of life. Often the accused in sex [...]

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What you need to know about record suspensions (pardons)

Is a criminal record dragging you down? We can help you navigate the process of applying for a pardon (now called a record suspension). After we've assessed your eligibility, we'll help you gather the required information and advocate on your behalf wherever possible throughout the application process. Considering what's at stake, you'll discover our fees [...]

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The police just called. Your teen has been arrested.

It's the time when teenagers want to party. Summer is on the horizon and there’s steam to let off. Sometimes though, stuff happens. Stuff involving the police. Even though you’re a good parent and have warned your teen about the usual things: drugs, impaired driving, “no means no” — you’ve received a late-night call from the [...]

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Spousal assault and “no contact” conditions

As a criminal lawyer, I often see certain fact patterns over and over. One of them typically happens in spousal assault cases. If you’ve been charged with assault, you need a criminal defence lawyer. Contact me. I can help you. This is how the story usually goes A couple – let’s call them Jack and [...]

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Sometimes no news is good news

At the risk of making you hungry, I want to talk about cake. Picture a thin layer of icing covering a fluffy filling. In a criminal case, the icing is the stuff that goes to trial in court. Maybe it gets media coverage, maybe it doesn’t. Hidden beneath the icing however is lots of other [...]

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Who you gonna call?

I wouldn’t say I was happy when the police called me at 3 a.m., but I was definitely prepared. One of my clients had been arrested and needed criminal law advice. I was really glad he called me. I was able to give him the advice he needed to protect him – both in the [...]

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Who is really the best criminal lawyer in Vancouver?

If you’re like me, when you want to find a local business for a particular service, you’ll pick up your smartphone and do a quick Google search. Depending on what you’re interested in, and where you are, you’ll likely discover there are dozens of listings. Type in “Criminal Lawyer Vancouver” and see what I mean [...]

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Getting off on a “technicality”

Critics of Canadian criminal law sometimes complain about people getting off on a "technicality.” Usually the so-called “technicality” is that the police violated an accused person’s Charter rights. The prosecution often can’t use evidence that was gained that way. As a result the prosecution’s case falls apart. No surprise then, that your average person may [...]

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Police Note Taking: Part 3 of 3

This is the third of three posts about police note taking. In this, Part 3, I discuss the effect sloppy police note taking can have on the outcome of a criminal trial. The trial of the police investigation If a prosecution witness is discredited at trial on important matters it can seriously, if not fatally, undermine the [...]

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